Mahlkönig DK15L Industrial Grinder

Whether for home or professional use, no piece of equipment carries as much impact as the grinder, and few grinders do it better than a Mahlkonig.


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Mahlkönig DK15L Industrial Grinder

The Mahlkönig DK15 grinder is a great entry level industrial grinder producing an even grinding quality. It features a powerful 3 phase motor, constant greased bearing and premium wear-resistant burrs. 


Industrial Coffee Grinder

• Continuous grind operation
• Outstanding even grinding quality
• Service-free constantly greased bearings

Hopper capacity: 45 lb. / 20kg

265 lb./hr fine or 287 lb./hr medium
Grinding into 200 L ground materials container

Continuous grinding

130mm fully hardened special steel burrs

380-415V // 50/60 Hz // 3~
208-220V // 50/60 Hz // 3~
2200W nominal power

31.10" W X 48.43" D X 61.02" H - 291 lbs.


3 months

1 year

• Upgrade to special cast steel (LV) or tungsten carbide burrs (LVH) for additional charge.



• Outstanding even grinding quality
• Wear-resistant premium burrs
• Very powerful three-phase motors with surface cooling and high starting torque - suitable for continuous operation
• Service-free, constantly greased bearings
• Two additional fans to cool the motor
• Ground material container (capacity 200 l)


  • DK27 LV (Cast steel)
  • DK27 LVS (Steel)
  • DK27 LVH (Tungsten Carbide)
  • DK27 LVT (Cast steel for turkish)
  • DK27 LVST (Steel for turkish)
  • DK27 LVHT (Tungsten Carbide for turkish)

Voltage // frequencies // phases:

  • 380-415 V // 50/60 Hz // 3~
  • 208-220 V // 50/60 Hz // 3~

Idle speed: 980 rpm (50 Hz); 160 rpm (60 Hz)
Burr diameter: 180 mm
Burr material: Fully hardened special steel
Grind Life (median setting): ca. 10-15 tons

DK27 LV, DK27 LVT:

Fully hardened cast steel

Grind Life (median setting): ca. 15-20 tons


Tungsten Carbide

Grind Life (median setting): ca. 35-40 tons

Grinding capacity - fine* kg/h (approx.):

230 (DK27 LV)

260 (DK27 LVH)

280 (DG27 LVS)

Grinding capacity - medium* kg/h (approx.):

250 (DK27 LV)

280 (DK27 LVH)

300 (DK27 LVS)

Grinding capacity - turkish* kg/h (approx.):

170 (DK27 LVT)

180 (DK27 LVST)

220 (DK27 LVHT)

Bean hopper capacity: approx. 30 kg

Max. nominal power: 5500 W

Dimensions (w x h x d):

79 x 160 x 123 cm (incl. base)

69 x 70 x 79 cm l 200 l (container)

Dimensions of packing (w x h x d): Depends
on individual version and equipment

Net weight:

155 kg (incl. base)
(DK27 LV, DK27 LVS, DK27 LVT, DK27 LVST)

158 kg (incl. base)

Gross weight: Depends on individual version and equipment

Standard colors: Textured, reddish grey


  • Burrs for grains or for other grinding goods, espresso or turkish
  • Additional ventilation
  • Electropneumatic gate for a controlled supply of material
  • Customized color from RAL catalogue

* Depends on the grinding goods and the chosen degree of fineness. All measured values under laboratory conditions. Other electric specifications available on request. Subject to change without prior notice.

QUALITY | Manufactured by hand.
Mahlkönig is the first choice of baristas from all around the world. Our coffee grinders are regarded as guarantors for the highest coffee quality possible – since as early as 1924. We enable an even extraction of the precious entire coffee aroma with our outstanding grinding performances. The results are truly unique tastes experiences being served with every single cup.

Our product management relies on a systematic translation of the market’s requirement in order to realize the customers’ desired taste profiles. We owe our top achievements in performance and product quality to the engagement and experiences of our long-term colleagues working on the engineering, inside the production and at our assembly lines. This is how Mahlkönig stays on top as the undisputed market leader.

Mahlkönig is leading in innovation by shaping the trends of tomorrow. We have set new quality standards within our industry through the introduction of the “grind-on-demand” principle and raised the awareness for the advantages of fresh grinding on the taste. Our most recent grinder models combine especially engineered premium grinding technology with innovative features for an optimal workflow at the coffee bar.

Our motivation and inspiration is our close contact to the international coffee industry to which we feel genuinely connected by our common passion for the best coffee. Mahlkönig is a long-term well-esteemed member of the specialty coffee community and actively promotes the community’s spirit through its engagement, especially at events taking place on every continent on earth.

Driven by the aspiration to contribute to the highest coffee enjoyment, we further develop our new grinder generations. With top performances in product and grinding quality and with a strong spirit of innovation Mahlkönig is increasing its lead over the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is torque such an important factor for performance?

A coffee grinder must be able to grind at any time without overheating under varying circumstances throughout the day. Some of these varying circumstances include different coffee types with different hardness as well as the build-up of oils and residues. A motor that is wrongly selected may not be able to drive the burrs in these circumstances if undersized or can result in a larger grinder footprint if oversized. The motor must be precisely matched to the burrs and have the correct torque requirements from idle to the nominal grinding speed for all foreseeable scenarios.

Can I use a non-Mahlkonig brand burr?

Imitated burrs lack field data to assess burr lifetime and related wear. You risk buying a burr that might perform initially but will not deliver the results in a repeatable way over its lifetime.

Imitations will also lack food-product approvals and when installed may cause the grinder to malfunction. This means you could potentially buy burrs that look good, but that are in fact harmful to your health and of others.

Does the burr replacement with imitation or non-Mahlkönig burrs void the grinders warranty?

Yes. If you replace the original Mahlkönig burrs in your grinder with non-Mahlkönig burrs, it can result in motor failure. Warranty for your grinder is no longer provided when replacing original Mahlkönig burrs with imitations or non-Mahlkönig burrs.

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