CEPros Project: Indies Coffee

Indies Coffee
Galveston, TX

The Challenge:
Identify a new roaster for Indies Coffee to quickly build its
online and wholesale coffee roasting business.

CEPros Delivers: 
We advised Indies Coffee and suggested a 20 kg Toper Roaster. They appreciated the value, excellent service, and pricing. We overcame installation hurdles, helping to keep Indies Coffee on track to launch a cafe and performance venue in October 2023.

In our industry, we encounter remarkable individuals. In the realm of coffee roasting, it's inevitable. Then, occasionally, we meet someone truly exceptional — like Brandon Jones.

We met Brandon in early 2023 because he and his wife Carla needed a roaster to bring their vision of a combination roastery and speakeasy space to life. This vision would also help support independent artists, children with disabilities, and veterans.

Brandon refers to himself as a Hollywood Marine, having served as a Marine Corps Operator across 30 countries and as a producer and development executive in TV and motion picture development. Both experiences taught him that no matter your differences, nothing offers a common bond like a shared cup of coffee. And, if you’re willing to fight for something — whether for your country or in achieving personal goals — you must put in the hard work.

This led to Brandon and Carla’s decision to form Indies Coffee (a wordplay on national and artistic independence), a hub merging roasting, art, and charity. Their mission? Leveraging fresh, affordable, organic Fair Trade coffee to, in part, nurture artists' dreams.

Brandon has created a line of movie title-inspired light, medium, and dark roasts, all roasted on a 20 kg Toper Roaster purchased through Coffee Equipment Pros. He cites Toper’s value, affordable price, and CEPros’ professional service as reasons he chose the Toper. 

We were thrilled to help Brandon source this Toper and get it located at his Galveston, TX, facility. When hiccups arose with the roaster’s installation, we jumped in to resolve it. We think Brandon will agree when we say this was a true example that hard work makes dreams real!

The hard work was worth the effort, as Brandon and Carla have spent the last few months setting up their direct-to-consumer and wholesale roasting business and preparing their space for new dreams to come to life.

Today, you can order Indies Coffee online, and as of late October 2023, you’ll be able to visit Indies Coffee in what Brandon describes as a speakeasy space to promote artists’ films, music, and art. 

Indie’s Coffee is one of Coffee Equipment Pros’ successful customers. Check them out at IndiesCoffee.com, or if you are in Galveston, stay tuned for details on their October 2023 grand opening by following them on social media. 

Website: www.indiescoffee.com
Instagram: @indiescoffee
Facebook: @indiescoffeeco