2lb. Sonofresco Used Coffee Roaster - 2012

Sonofresco's premium coffee roasters work for any business that desires to set itself apart from the competition with a unique approach to customers.


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2-lb. Sonofresco Used Coffee Roaster

2012 Model — Excellent Condition!

Low Use — Less Than 100 Roasts!


You just can't help but smile when you see one of these little red Sonofresco fluid bed roasters—and they're popping up more and more as eco- and budget-conscious roasters are looking for ways to lower the gas bill without lowering roast quality.

We admit, the 2-lb Sonofresco is a pretty good deal, reported new at around $4,650. But we're lucky enough to have a 2012 model available right now for $1,250 less! It also comes with a natural gas conversion plate, valued at $400.

With its profile design and compact footprint, this little guy churns out 3 batches an hour (approx. 18 minutes per batch), or around 55 lbs per 8-hr workday. And it looks great front-of-shop, inviting your customers to watch your roasts in action in the clear roast chamber.


Sonofresco, made right here in the USA, is UL- and CSA-certified, and is powered by 110v. Venting kit required, available for purchase from CEPros HERE.

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2-lb Sonofresco used coffee roaster



Low usage — less than 100 roasts

March 2024

115v // 60 Hz // 3 amps


Propane (can convert to NG with included conversion plate)


Easy upgrade with aftermarket Phidget

Fuel conversion plate for natural gas ($400 value)

Digital on listing

Cleaned and ready to ship.

All Used Equipment Sold As-Is.
CEPros Tek-Pak available for installation assurance.
In-person inspections are recommended.
Freight NOT INCLUDED. Quoted specific to your location and needs.

CEPros is your one-stop shop. Purchase a new or used coffee roaster from us, and we’ll help you build a discounted equipment package. Shop our ancillary equipment.


Profile Coffee Roaster

Profile Coffee Roasters are equipped with the ADR control package pre-installed at the factory.

Roasting your coffee opens up a world of potential for any café or coffee seller, and it begins with the right equipment. Sonofresco's premium coffee roasters work for any business that desires to set itself apart from the competition with a unique approach to customers.

Whether you run a commercial operation, retail shop, home-based coffee business, or start a hobby, Sonofresco offers reliable, commercial-grade products that produce consistently fresh roasted coffee for the beginner to the seasoned professional. The tools to create complete flavor profiles in batches as small as 1/4 lb. or produce up to 55 lbs. of retail-ready coffee in 8 hours.

There is no limit to how far your retail or home-based coffee business can go when you have the power to roast every batch of beans to perfection. In addition to our roasters’ great look and small footprint, you can enjoy the upgrade in your business’s ambiance when you bring the roasting in-house. Warranty coverage is available for every roaster.

Sonofresco roasters will help you take your coffee business to the next level.

Sonofresco Coffee Roaster

What is it, what does it do, and how?

What is coffee roasting, and how is it done?
Coffee roasting converts an unroasted coffee bean from its dense, green, raw state; to the toasty brown, caramelized sugar, and flavored oil miracle that is roasted coffee.

Many types of coffee roasting equipment are on the market, each offering differing roasting techniques. One of the oldest techniques is drum roasting, typically larger machines, both in size and weight, are constructed with heavy materials and typically located in a roasting room unseen by the public.

The drum roasting process requires preheating of the roasting drum, manual monitoring and manipulation of the roast process, and termination to a cooling bin. The beans are roasted by conduction from the hot surfaces of the heated drum to the bean. The recent introduction of profiling software has aided in the repeatability of the end product. However, most still require user interaction during roasting to develop the bean to finality

Air roasters, typically smaller and less complex appliances, use hot air to fluidize the beans to allow for even roasting of every bean. This heating method is known as convection roasting, similar to how an oven cooks food. The constant movement of the bean allows for even roasting; no bean will sit on a hot surface long enough to over-roast.

Most air roasters incorporate a visual aspect of the roasting process, allowing the roasting professional to witness the development of the coffee throughout the roasting process. Adding the visual element to a retail environment enables the customer to experience the process for themselves and provides an opportunity to engage with the customer and educate them about coffee, a truly unique experience for both retailer and customer.

So, what do we do differently
The Sonofresco roaster is a fluid bed or air roaster incorporating automation and visual impact.

The heart of the roaster is an automated control system monitoring and driving the roasting process without user intervention during the roasting cycle. The user selects a roast level for the desired degree of roast and initiates the roast cycle; the control system does the rest! Behind the scenes, the control system will follow a roast profile, making adjustments throughout the roast cycle to progressively increase the temperature of the beans over time.

What is a roast profile?
A roast profile is essentially a highway or instruction set to roast; how will we roast the coffee to bring out the desired characteristics of the bean, fast, slow, or both? It is a series of points to create a curve to determine what will happen during the roast. To accomplish this, the Sonofresco coffee roaster utilizes a single roast profile and ten end roast levels. Adding the Advanced Definition Software (ADR) expands the capability of the roaster by allowing user definition and creating custom profiles unique to you.

What are roast levels?
Roast levels determine how dark the bean will roast. The Sonofresco has ten roast levels; each preprogrammed with an end temperature to which the roaster will end the roast. Adding the Advanced Definition Software (ADR) expands the capability of the roaster by allowing user definition of these ten individual endpoints for each custom profile created. Once the end roast temperature has been achieved, the roaster automatically terminates the heat source. It cools the beans to a temperature low enough to place into a bulk storage unit, espresso grinder, or even directly into a Kraft bag.

What happens next?
This is where the real work begins; the next step is to clean the roasting components, which will require about 45 seconds of labor, removing the chaff and oils to keep the roaster working at its best, add the next batch of beans, press the start roast button and the next roast starts, it’s that simple.

What is chaff?
Chaff is a paper-like flake of the innermost skin of the coffee fruit expelled during the roasting process; it contains no value to the end product and is discarded.

What’s best for me?
One Pound & Sample Coffee Roaster.
Designed for batches ranging from 1/4 lb. (120 g) to 1.2 lbs., the one-pound coffee roaster is ideal for a wide range of environments, including home-based coffee businesses, drive-through coffee shops, farmers’ markets, and cafes. A durable red or black powder-coated finish or classic stainless steel color options enhance the visual appeal of this roaster. Produces three 1.2-lb. batches or three 1/4 lb. sample batches per hour. Available in natural gas and propane.

Two Pound Coffee Roaster. 
This model is the workhorse of Sonofresco roasters and can produce up to 55 lbs. in an 8-hour shift. Same colors and gas options as the One Pound model but with the capacity to power larger retail businesses and commercial operations. Still need the smaller batches? Add a one-pound model for the ultimate flexibility.

Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) 
The Profile Roaster pushes flavor and customization to another level using the Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) software. You can fine-tune and monitor the roasting process in both One Pound & Sample and Two Pound sizes without departing from the simplicity of push-button operation. Specialty coffee businesses will love the ability to construct the perfect flavor profile for your customers. Available in stainless steel, cherry red, and black. Bluetooth control allows you to monitor the roasting process, while ADR gives you the edge when looking for that perfect flavor profile.

What else will I need?

Venting equipment
The roaster will need to be vented to the outside to remove the roasting byproducts, a small amount of smoke produced for a short period near the end of the roast. There are many options for venting depending on the location and type of installation that best meets local codes and fit the theme of the installation site.

Two Sonofresco options are available:

Direct Vent
This is the simplest means of venting, directly from the outlet of the roaster and through a wall to the outside. A kit contains double wall pipes, elbows, a wall thimble, and a vent cap.

Power Vent
A fan-assisted vent hood mounted above the roaster allows for installations requiring longer venting runs that would otherwise add too much restriction.

Custom Venting
The roaster can be installed under various commercial exhaust systems or custom-made vent hoods. These options should be developed and installed by a qualified contractor.


Used equipment offered for sale on CEPros.com is sold as is, where is, as represented in this listing, and is subject to our sale terms and conditions found on our website HERE. Our Used Elite equipment is exactly that, used, and may have aesthetic issues. And defects have been disclosed in this listing. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Inspection is by appointment only. Contact us for arrangements. 

Equipment that is in brand new condition, whether in original crate or not, important to note that it has never been connected to utilities, powered up, and turned on. It is still classified as Used Equipment as is being resold from original sale and purchaser. Buyer is aware beyond the manufacturer testing prior to sale, due to never used status, Its current operating condition is unknown. Buyer also confirms awareness that coffee roastery manufacturer warranties do not transfer, even if equipment when resold is still within the manufacturer's warranty period.


Seller verifies that the equipment condition and operation is exactly as represented on CEPros listing which was approved by Seller when going live on our sales platform. If any modification in any way has been made, Seller confirms the modification(s) have been disclosed and fully described in detail in its listing. In the case of a modification, Seller agrees to be available for communication with BUYER if need arises during installation due to the modifications.


Any pieces of chimney and/or ducting that are included in this equipment sale are identified as used, regardless if never previously installed. BUYER understands this chimney and/or ducting may or may not be usable in their specific application. BUYER is aware that some or all of the included chimney and/or ducting may need to be replaced or pieces purchased to complete needed venting for their installation. BUYER is aware that used chimney and ducting may need to be cleaned prior to use and installation.


All equipment sales will include a DocuSign digital Purchase and Sale agreement executed by the Buyer and Seller.

Bank Wire Transfer or ACH are the only payment options for Coffee Equipment Pros purchases and Seller payment. The Bank Wire Transfer or ACH must be completed within 5 days of purchase agreement execution or the transaction is void unless otherwise arranged. Coffee Equipment Pros bank wire transfer information will be provided at time of invoice.

Seller is responsible for equipment decommissioning and disassembly effort and costs. Buyer is financially responsible for equipment transportation preparation and transit, or arranging for pick-up. Equipment will be prepared for relocating via professional crating efforts facilitated and monitored by Coffee Equipment Pros Logistics. This includes crate/pallet/wrap/strap progress pictures that will need to be approved. Equipment transportation will be either pick-up by Buyer or Coffee Equipment Pros facilitated freight and/or shipping including timely communications to all parties. International purchases will include customs and documentation arrangements.

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