7 Reasons Why Coffee Roasteries Should Consider A Used Coffee Roaster

7 Reasons Why Coffee Roasteries Should Consider A Used Coffee Roaster

Kristi Anderson-Runge

In the dynamic world of coffee roasting, where innovation is a constant companion, roasteries are faced with crucial decisions when it comes to commercial roasting equipment. The heart of any coffee operation lies in its roaster, and selecting the right one is key. While the allure of a shiny new coffee roaster is undeniable, there's a compelling case to be made for considering a used commercial roaster. 

In this article, we'll delve into why coffee roasteries should contemplate the path less traveled and explore the thriving market for used industrial coffee roasters. We'll also introduce you to Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster collection, a handpicked selection of high-quality, vetted, and used industrial coffee roasters that opens doors to exciting possibilities.

1. Budget Consciousness

Let's start with the most apparent advantage of buying used commercial roasters: cost savings. Investing in a brand-new coffee roaster can be a substantial financial commitment, especially for small and medium-sized roasteries. In contrast, purchasing a used coffee roaster can significantly reduce upfront expenses, allowing roasteries to allocate their budget more efficiently. These cost savings can be channeled into other essential aspects of the business, such as sourcing high-quality beans, expanding marketing efforts, or enhancing customer experiences. Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster collection offers an array of cost-effective options that don't compromise on quality.

2. Time Savings

One of the significant advantages of opting for a used commercial coffee roaster is the time savings it offers to buyers. A used coffee roaster is typically ready for shipping immediately, meaning there's no long wait for a machine to be built and shipped, as is often the case with new equipment orders. This rapid availability minimizes downtime for businesses, allowing them to use their newly acquired equipment sooner. Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster collection ensures that buyers can access high-quality equipment promptly, streamlining the acquisition process and expediting their path to improved productivity.

3. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is a growing concern in the coffee industry, extending beyond just sourcing beans responsibly. Choosing a used coffee roaster is an environmentally responsible choice. By giving used commercial coffee roasters a new lease on life, roasteries reduce their carbon footprint and minimize the demand for new manufacturing. It's a small but significant step toward a more sustainable coffee industry, which resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Access to High-Quality Brands

Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster collection is an indicator of the high-quality pre-owned equipment available. This carefully curated selection includes equipment from top brands known for their excellence in the coffee industry. Roasteries can access these renowned brands at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Whether it's a Loring, Probat, Diedrich, San Franciscan, or another respected manufacturer, the used coffee roaster collection offers an impressive array of options.

5. Opportunity for Expansion and Experimentation

Purchasing a used coffee roaster can be a strategic move for roasteries looking to expand or diversify their offerings. The cost savings from buying used coffee roasters can create opportunities for roasteries to experiment with different roast profiles and bean varieties — or even open new locations. It's a pathway to innovation and growth that may not be as easily attainable with the financial burden of new equipment.

6. Rigorous Vetting Process

Coffee Equipment Pros understands the importance of trust and reliability when it comes to used coffee roasters. That's why the used coffee roaster collection is not just a random assortment of used roasting machines. Each piece of equipment undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring it meets the highest quality and performance standards. Buyers can have confidence in the quality and condition of the equipment they choose from this carefully curated selection. 

7. A Thriving Market

Fortunately, there's no shortage of quality used coffee roasters available. As innovative new equipment enters the market, it creates opportunities for used roasters to find new homes. This dynamic market allows roasteries to access a wide range of options, from smaller machines ideal for startups to larger, commercial-grade roasters suitable for high-volume operations.

This Is Great For Buyers. What If I Have A Used Roaster To Sell?

Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster program offers roastery owners an effortless and profitable solution for selling their used industrial roaster. The process is streamlined and stress-free with fair and transparent equipment assessments and full-service support, including decommissioning, marketing, negotiations, and paperwork — plus handling crating, freighting, and delivery logistics. Additionally, Coffee Equipment Pros' QuickPay Promise ensures prompt payment, respecting the value of your time. CEPros’ selling services through our used coffee roaster program is a hassle-free way to part with your roaster, allowing you to embrace exciting new possibilities. 

Experience A Seamless Buying Experience with Coffee Equipment Pros 

With Coffee Equipment Pros' used coffee roaster collection, the process of acquiring a used roaster is practically effortless. We connect buyers and sellers, streamlining the purchasing process and ensuring that both parties benefit from a smooth and efficient transaction. 

Here’s more good news: Even with our affordable pricing, we still offer competitive financing through our CEPros Select lender network, bringing your roastery equipment dreams within reach. What’s more, that used roaster purchase is eligible for the IRS’s Section 179 tax write-off. 

The coffee roasting world is evolving, and the path to success may very well be paved with the rich history and undeniable value of a used coffee roaster. And with our expert guidance on your side, we’ll handle the heavy lifting while you reap the rewards. 



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