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Scolari De-Gas Silo & Conveyance System

The ecosystem of an efficiently run roastery is like a well-oiled machine, especially that final stretch your beautifully roasted beans travel from the roaster to your retail packaging. The key components?

A solid silo and conveyance system that serves as a safe haven for those beans (or grounds)—an absolute essential for preserving flavor and quality. That's exactly what you get with this integrated system from Italian-based Scolari Engineering, including four degassing silos, a conveyor, two feeder/packaging silos, and a master control panel.

Used Coffee Roasters

Just imagine the smell of that roast coming out of your next machine.
Here's a taste of our freshest used equipment, just in.

35kg Loring S35 Kestrel

2015 Model. Great condition. Includes bean cart and loader. Video available.

5kg San Franciscan SF-10

Under 2 years use. Excellent Condition. Optional VortX EcoFilter.

25kg Diedrich DR-25

2022 model. Full Automation. Comes with green bean loader

12kg Diedrich IR-12

2018 Classic. Digital flame control. Cropster/Artisan connectivity. Ready to ship.

25kg Diedrich CR-25

2010 model. Diedrich entry-level industrial 25kg workhorse. Incredible condition.

If Your Roastery Could Talk, What Would It Tell You It Needs?

We've got everything to keep your coffee roastery humming happily along.

Roaster Attachments

We call them attachments because they're core to your roaster's function. Afterburners, Chimney, Loaders, Weigh Carts, Destoners. They're all here.

Bean Management

Interesting way to put it, right? Analyzers, Grinders, Mixers, Scales, Silos/Storage, and Conveyance.


Your beans are roasted and "managed." Let's get them packaged up. Net Weigh Machines, Package Loaders, Fillers, Sealers, VFFS machines, K-Cup Fillers & Sealers.

Recently purchased by our roastery community.

Going To Work!

5kg Diedrich IR-5

2018 model. Only 440 hours. Comes with dual-walled DuraTech chimney.

70kg Loring S70 Peregrine

2017 Model. Extreme low use. Incredible condition. Comes with D70 destoner. Loring tech checked.

7kg Loring S7 Nighthawk

2023 model. Still in original crate. Ready to ship immediately.

12kg Diedrich IR-12

2002 Model. Solid IR-12 in clean condition. Ready to ship ASAP.

2020 Bellwether Late Series 1

This self-contained, automated, fully electric roaster does not require any venting or afterburner!

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CEPros has emerged as the premier online, full-service marketplace for used coffee roasters, plus new and used ancillary equipment. We have perfected bringing buyers and sellers together with a comprehensive suite of services required for successful transactions, including:

• Producing comprehensive equipment listings

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• Locating, qualifying, and securing buyers

• Facilitating all aspects of the closing process

• Arranging equipment delivery

• Extensive technician network for relocation and service

…and more.

Unlike any peer-to-peer alternatives, CEPros’ full-service digital marketplace delivers fast, secure, and hassle-free results to buyers and sellers. Because Roasters Need To Roast.

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