Roaster with tattooed arm releasing roasted coffee beans from roaster into cooling tray

Our Why

At Coffee Equipment Pros, we believe roasters need to roast.

Sounds simple enough. But if you’re running a roastery, you know a million things can come between you and those beans. Your roastery equipment shouldn’t be one of them. Yet, we know how much time a roastery can burn in selecting and managing its machines. 

We get it. You’ve got a lot of dots to connect. With our elite equipment emporium, we help you make that critical connection.

With us, you’ll find a consultative partner, not just a salesperson, and certainly not an “order-taker”. Our relationship with many roasteries means we’ve got the pulse on what works — and it’s not just about fitting people into equipmentInstead, we match the best equipment to our people.

We’re passionate about equipping you with our carefully vetted options — new and used — to create the ultimate roasting machine line-up.

Why? Because we love all things coffee and especially our vibrant coffee-roasting community. People like you put a smile on the world’s faces every morning with that first delightful sip.

Because Roasters Need To Roast™. That’s what you do best.
And we're here doing our best to make sure that happens.

Rick Davis
Founder & CEO
Coffee Equipment Pros

Shopping Around for Roasting Equipment? It Might Cost You!

Discover the power of a one-stop-shop.

Your Ultimate Source for Coffee Roasting Equipment

We are your go-to team for comprehensive, top-notch support in coffee equipment sales. When it comes to coffee roastery equipment, we are the industry’s ultimate source.

White-Glove Service

With our expert sales, marketing, logistics, financing, and client support professionals, we offer a white-glove experience for the global coffee-roasting community.

Licensed Technicians

Our Tek-Net division of licensed technicians handles installation and service, ensuring smooth operations for both new and Used Elite roasters.

Manufacturer Network

We value the manufacturers in our vendor network as part of our team, and we consider ourselves an extension of their brand as we working closely with them to represent their equipment. We’d love to connect to consider your equipment offering.

Meet CEPros Founder Rick Davis

Team lead Rick Davis, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, specializes in marketing, sales, installations, relocations, and sourcing solutions. Rick’s memorable 2013 origin trip to Panama, including an exhilarating hike up 5,900 feet to Finca la Mula, a well-known Geisha farm owned by world-renowned coffee expert Willem Boot, stands as a testament to his commitment to the coffee industry.

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Whether you're looking for high-quality coffee roasters, comprehensive services, informative resources, or industry insights, we have it all. Take a look around and unlock a world of possibilities for your coffee roasting journey.

New Coffee Roasters

Experience the art of coffee roasting with our collection of premium coffee roaster brands, including Toper, Air-Motion Roasters, and more.

Used Coffee Roasters

Unlock extraordinary coffee roasting possibilities with our meticulously vetted used coffee roasters. Find exceptional quality and value in our curated Used Elite collection.

Ancillary Equipment

Level up your roasting experience with our top-quality ancillary equipment. Explore our selection of essential tools that enhance precision and efficiency in every roast.

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Discover the ultimate coffee roasting equipment with our expertly curated buying guides. Elevate your roasting game and explore our guides today!


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