CEPros Project: Greater Goods Coffee Co. + Exploradora Coffee

Greater Goods Coffee Co. + Exploradora Coffee

The Challenge
Sell, crate, and freight a 2017 Loring S15 Falcon and D35 Destoner in a short time frame—that was shortened even more!

CEPros Delivers
We helped Greater Goods Coffee Co. sell their Falcon roaster and destoner in record time to Exploradora Coffee—both growing family-owned coffee businesses with a passion for roasting. 


Here’s a fun story about one of our used Loring S15 Falcon sales. It illustrates the unexpected twists that arise when helping a roaster find a new home, in this case, a new "nest". It also highlights how our close-knit coffee community helps bring the right people together to make the sale.

One of our roasting friends had a conversation with Justin Metheny, head roaster at the award-winning Greater Goods Coffee Co. Justin mentioned that, due to changes in their business model, they were closing their coffee shop in Austin, which housed a 2017 Loring S15 Falcon with a D35 destoner. They needed to sell it promptly as their roastery in Dripping Springs, near Austin, already had a capable S35 Kestrel.

Our friend informed me of Greater Goods' need to sell the Falcon and destoner. So, I reached out to Justin, and we arranged to meet at the coffee shop (right in my own back yard) to inspect the equipment. When I walked in, I was blown away. The stunning stainless Falcon and its destoner practically gleamed behind its glass-encased display. It was just itching to fly on over to a new roasting home! And with less than 100 roasts on it, it was in pristine condition.



After meeting, Justin and I quickly hit it off. I analyzed the equipment and we agreed on a marketable price. I crafted their story, posted the listing, and our marketing machine went to work. In our typical sale preparation process, we sourced the crating logistics, and the traffic started. As interest in the Falcon grew, Twist #1 emerged: The equipment needed to be moved to Greater Goods' roastery by the end of the month due to the coffee shop's lease expiration. It was a short timeline, so we immediately began coordinating with one of our certified Loring technicians for assistance with the relocation.

Then came Twist #2: Greater Goods learned they had to vacate the coffee shop within a week, not by month-end as initially thought. Moving a Loring roaster isn't a task for just anyone; it requires expertise. Our strong relationship with our Loring tech meant he was willing to hop on a plane and pitch in on even shorter notice. He flew to Austin, and we spent two days preparing the Falcon and destoner for transportation to Dripping Springs.

With the equipment safely relocated, I continued focus on finding a new owner. Soon enough, Exploradora Coffee, a family-owned roastery in Oxford, MS, emerged as the perfect match. Watch co-founder Alison Anderson give a tour of their new space, including the debut of "Loretta" the Loring, and "Deacon" the D35 destoner. (We love it when people name their equipment!)



And despite facing Twist #3 involving the delicate (and strategic) process of unloading the large crates from a truck with forklift and lift gate, we overcame it! But that's a story for another day, and it’s quite the cliffhanger.

Also? Since this sale, CEPros has become the go-to destination for buying and selling used Lorings. As of this writing, we’ve completed six more Loring equipment transactions and have 4 more listed—and we can't wait to relocate more.

To me, this little story underscores the importance of relationships in our industry—and how those relationships can help deliver some pretty quick and sweet results: 

  • Our friend told us about the Falcon needing to be sold.
  • We built relationships with both buyer and seller, and our relationship with our Loring tech meant he could help us get the job done in the shortened timeframe.
  • And now, a growing family-owned roastery in the Texas Hill Country is forever connected to the Lower Mississippi Delta, where another family passionate about coffee is turning their side gig into a brick-and-mortar reality.

Do you have a roaster to sell, or do you need to add to your roastery equipment line-up? Just like we've done in this case, we're here to bridge gaps to ensure our customers (that's you!) can continue roasting without interruption. 

Loring-roasted coffee is pretty special. Consider supporting these two amazing roasteries. Visit their websites at Greater Goods Coffee Co. and Exploradora Coffee.

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