The Great Gamble: New or Used Coffee Roaster?

The Great Gamble: New or Used Coffee Roaster?

By Kristi Anderson-Runge

Purchasing your first or next commercial coffee roaster is not an inexpensive task. You’re easily looking at five figures on a good day, so it’s entirely natural to seek out an affordable used coffee roaster for sale. And that’s especially true if you’re just starting out or roasting on a budget.

Even if you do find a used coffee roaster from a private seller that might fit your bill, the challenges – and unforeseen issues – don’t present the best odds. For example, that used roaster:

  1. Comes with a probable unknown roasting history, e.g., actual time use, fires, lack of service, etc.
  2. Must be radically “disturbed” for decommissioning, disassembly, transporting, and then re-assembled — sometimes by an inexperienced coffee roastery equipment handyman.
  3. Requires knowledge of actual PROPER crating to withstand commercial transport issues.
  4. May show up partially operative, damaged, or with broken or missing parts.
  5. Shows up without a warranty or ongoing support plan.

And those are just a few reasons off the top of our heads. We assure you there are plenty more, including negotiating a fair price with the seller and trusting they’ve accurately represented the coffee roaster.

(Caveat: If you work with a reputable coffee roasting equipment broker with a solid service guarantee, you increase your chances of finding reliable used equipment that has been properly vetted. Our signature Used Elite program offers a rotating, curated collection of good used machines worth a look.) 

All to say: Your coffee roaster is the living, breathing heartbeat of your roastery. This is where you need that “double down” insurance. Don’t leave such an important purchase to chance. Doing so is similar to betting it all on a random roulette number that will likely have you heading back to the cashier’s booth.

CEPros is the Exclusive USA Distributor for Toper Roasters: Buy New For Less Than Used

That’s where Toper Roasters comes in. We can offer you the best of both worlds with a new roaster for less than used.

Read that again.

And that cost savings substantially increases for industrial machines.

You might ask: How is this possible? We’ll give you two reasons:

  1. We know how to price used roasters. As coffee-roasting equipment experts, we’ve vetted, priced, and sold over 200 roasters and pieces of roastery equipment in the last two years alone. We know the fair market value of a used roaster based on its year, condition, features, and customer demand.
  2. We recognize the value of Toper — both in cost and quality. Toper Roasters are hand-crafted and custom-built based on a long tradition of Turkish metalwork craftsmanship. While raw materials are more affordable than in the US (hence, the lower price tag), no corner is cut. Toper Roasters has long fostered productive relationships with research institutions to design the most solid, modern, efficient, and affordable coffee roaster we’ve ever seen.

When you conduct a side-by-side analysis of a Toper shop roaster and a similar-sized USED name-brand roaster, it’s pretty easy to recognize the bang for your buck that a NEW Toper shop roaster delivers.

That’s exactly why we at Coffee Equipment Pros (CEPros) are pumped to serve as the exclusive United States distributor of Toper Roasters. At their incredible price point, these machines — equal parts ravishing beauty and roasting beast — open the doors of inclusivity and accessibility. That means a wider coffee-roasting audience can gain valuable roasting experience on a new machine earlier in their roasting career.

Really, we’re just here to share the Toper love. So, why not step into a new Toper instead of playing roulette with a used roaster?

Reasons to Buy a Toper Roaster

When you buy a Toper Roaster, you access:

  1. Toper’s Features, Advantages, and Benefits

ETL Certified Toper Roasters save you in service and replacement, energy, and service and repair costs. 

  1. 'CEPros Select' Competitive Financing Network

Our private, concierge-style, competitive lending program puts the nation’s top lenders to work for you. One quick online application generates multiple offers, and a dedicated loan agent guides you through the process. Plus, you can include any equipment packaged with the roaster in your loan. Just apply, compare, and choose. Learn more.

  1. CEPros Tek-Net™ and Toper Tek-Pak™

In addition to Toper’s two-year warranty, Toper customers gain access to the CEPros Tek-Net™, a highly experienced network of USA-based technicians providing site evaluation, installation, and service support for your Toper Roaster. We also offer proactive roastery installation guidance.

Your Toper Roaster purchase also includes our Tek-Pak™, a series of pre-and post-installation video and voice calls — plus a video call to walk you through your roaster’s installation and first roast. 

  1. Speed and Convenience: R&R In Stock

We keep a supply of roasters and replacement parts IN STOCK, so there’s no waiting on long build and shipping times. And if you need it, we ship our US-made parts for overnight delivery.

Place Your Bet on Toper Roasters

Convinced yet?

We’ll find the right Toper for your shop. All you have to do is start roasting — and invest the savings back into your roastery vision.

Give us a call @ 855-628-3700, or text direct @ 949-289-8083.

It’s time to place your bet on a new Toper Roaster.

It’s a sure thing.

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