K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine - Expak CR90 Rotary w/Vacuum Conveyor - 90 CPM

Expak designs and builds machines using quality components from Omron and Schneider to ensure precise mechanics and minimal maintenance.


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Rotary K-cup Machine Filling and Sealing Machine with Vacuum Conveyor

Expak CR90

The Expak CR90 is designed for smooth, precise, and stable operation, with cams and rods driving every step. Plus, it has nitrogen environment safeguards to lock in the freshness and aroma of the coffee. Comes with Vacuum Conveyor to fill the 10 L hopper.


High-speed Rotary 

• Fully mechanically driven to guarantee stable operation
• Dual heat seal units
• Audible safety alarms 

Up to 90 cups/minute

12.5g with a filling accuracy of  ±0.2g

220V // 50/60hz // single phase // 6KW //32 amps
220V // 50/60hz // triple phase // 6KW //18.5 amps
380V // 50/60hz // triple phase // 6KW // 11 amps

0.1m3/min e @ ≥ 0.6Mpa or 3.52 cfm


28 days

13 months 

4850 lbs / 2200 kg

68" x 83" x 104"


Screw Lifter Conveyor
Uses a larger 110 L hopper to auto load coffee into the machine. Recommended for espresso coffee to help preserve the aroma. 
Add $4,500

Check Weigher
Confirm cup weight within a set range. Cups not within range are auto moved off the belt.
Add $8,500

Flavor Pump System

Add liquid flavor (0.05 ml per capsule) directly into the cup. 
Add $1,800

Customized Conveyor Belt with Flip-Flop 
Bulk package with auto counting and move to the next box.
Starting at $1,800

Fully Automated Cartoner with Robotic System and Conveyor Belt Buffer 
Capacity up to 900 cartons per hour
Add $85,250



The CR90 rotary k-cup filling and sealing machine offers a speed of up to 90 cups per minute. It is the latest design, fully mechanized-driven; we use cams and rods to make each station's operation smoother, more precise, and more stable. There is a big advantage that this machine can easily replace Nespresso or other formats; no more adjustments or tests are required; it has a very friendly design, and even non-professional technicians can replace different formats. Nitrogen injection has been upgraded. Compared to other machines, this one includes a nitrogen environment at every step. Also, it strengthens the special nitrogen flushing before emptying the cup for sealing, ensuring the freshness and aroma of the coffee. This machine has a remote control so that we can monitor the machine's status in real time.

Brief introduction:

  • High speed up to 90 cups/min as a newly medium-volume model.
  • Fully mechanically driven to guarantee stable operation.
  • Quick changeover for Nespresso without adjustments.

Suitable for: K Cup
Capacity: Up to 90 cups/min
Filling type: Auger Filler by servo motor control
Filling accuracy: ±0.2g
Sealing type: Twice Heat Seal
Voltage: 220V or 380V 50/60hz—1 or 3 Phase 3KW
Dimension: 1727x2107x2640 (mm)
Net/Gross Weight: 2200 KG/2400 KG
Air Consumption: 0.1M3 per minute @ ≥ 0.6Mpa


Standard stations

  1. Vertical loader for empty k-cups: This station applies servo system control to load empty cups by four specific rotating heads. When the four heads spin once at the same time, one cup will be loaded, and there will be no accidents in loading more than one cup. A very precise servo motor controls the matching of angle and speed. And there is a suction cup below the plate tray. When the cup is loaded, the suction cup goes up to receive and hold it into the tray. And the suction cup speed couldn’t change due to this was mechanized by the cam and rod to drive. Some sensors detect cups.
  2. The UV lamp is sterilized to keep the cup clean and safe before dosing the coffee.
  3. Auger Filler and Anti-Static device: It adopts servo motor control and auger dose.
  4. The Servo motor controls the speed of spin of the drill and self-adjustment after feedback to ensure accuracy. The high-precision processing of the drill ensures the stability and accuracy of the filling. The anti-Static device prevents splash of coffee filled due to static electricity between coffee granules and keeps the environment clean.
  5. Rim Clean to collect dust.
  6. Foil lid Placement: A suction cup is up and down to grab the lid and place the lid on the cup. The foil detector will tell you when the lid is running out.
  7. Foil Lid Detector before heat seal.
  8. Twice Heat Seal: Heat Sealer Head is made of beryllium copper material; the effect will be better, and the service life will be longer. Twice sealer heads guarantee better sealing.
  9. Outfeed: The rotary suction cup to make the finished capsule better for packaging one by one comes out and faces up on the conveyor belt.

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K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine - Expak CR90 Rotary w/Vacuum Conveyor - 90 CPM
K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine - Expak CR90 Rotary w/Vacuum Conveyor - 90 CPM
K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine - Expak CR90 Rotary w/Vacuum Conveyor - 90 CPM

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