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No fuel. Lowest emissions. Unmatched control.

Coffee Equipment Pros is a Proud Distributor of Air-Motion Roasters in the USA.

Air-Motion Roasters, a thriving roaster manufacturer headquartered in Johannesburg, offers a simple, artisanal, efficiently elegant approach to air roasting with its 3 kg, 6 kg, and 12 kg air roasters. Its all-electric roasters mean no fuel connection or detrimental gas effects — and its patented Open Chamber Roasting (OCR) provides an interactive roasting experience like no other. Each roaster offers superior chaff extraction, roast profile recording, and unrivaled exhaust temperature (averaging 100 degrees Fahrenheit!). 

What Sets Air-Motion Roasters Apart

Air-Motion Roasters offers an unrivaled artisan air-roasting experience in repeatability, reliability, and the ultimate eco-friendly roast control.
Air-Motion Roasters leverages cutting-edge technology to make air-roasting accessible to novices and roast masters alike. With 3 kg, 6 kg, and 12 kg models, Air-Motion offers roasters to fit almost every roasting need.

What Customers Say

"I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. This roaster is amazingly simple to use but complete enough to allow me to adapt and adjust the roast live — giving me complete peace of mind that consistency in my roast batches is achieved." — Wayne B.

"An instant start-up, immediate heat response, interaction with the beans throughout the roast, and basically as simple as “plug and play.” No delays and no energy wastage! I was humbled to learn that this simple technology could, in fact, perform as well as, and even better in many respects, than any traditional ‘cast-iron rich’ drum roaster." — Bruce M.

"Convection roasting IS taken to the next level with much thought. I have roasted on it, and indeed it is a work of art. Seamless and intuitive software enables roasters to work with ease and achieve their desired roast in a matter of minutes." — Nicodemus



3 kg Air-Motion Roaster
3 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR3
3 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR3
6 kg Air-Motion Roaster
6 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR6
6 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR6
12 kilo Air Motion Roaster
12 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR12
12 kilo Coffee Air Roaster - Air-Motion Roasters AMR12

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Air-Motion Roasters superior to its electric air-roasting competitors?

Two words: control and cleanliness. With Air-Motion, you have full control over the amount of heat and air you apply. This is interactive roasting in action, allowing you to dial in as much conduction and convection you like, as you watch your green beans roast right before your eyes. Our cyclone is designed to remove all dust, chaff, and smoke — leaving you with about as clean of a coffee product as you can get.

What are the major components of the Air-Motion Roaster?

Designed to disrupt.

Is coffee roasting an art or a science?

We say it’s both — a carefully cultivated blend of instinct and intellect, chemical reactions and creativity. Each approach relies on innovation to push us toward progress. We believe that includes coffee roasting.

At Air-Motion Roasters, we’ve dared to play with a better way to roast our beans.

We wondered: Could we create a superior product by combining the magic of both conduction and convection?

Could we harness natural elements like air and gravity to bring out the best in our beans?

There was only one way to find out. It takes courage and curiosity to tackle tradition.

Air-Motion Roasters is the result.

What other design elements do I need to know about?
  • NO GAS: All of our Air-Motion Roasters are electric and have no gas element, enhancing overall safety.
  • TOTAL CONTROL: Set your roast profile and let the Air-Motion Roaster do its magic. Engage your senses of sight, sound, and smell!
  • NO AFTERBURNER: No need to worry about toxic gases, smoke, unwanted smells, or dust. We’re on the green team!
  • ADAPTABILITY: You can make real-time roasting adjustments, and all roasters are adaptable to your country’s electrical standards and regulations.
  • ROBUSTNESS: Our roasters are designed to last, keeping you operational while saving you time and money.
  • SUPER LOW EMISSIONS: If you love roasting coffee beans but also care about the environment, then this is the roaster for you!