Pouch Fill & Seal Packaging Machine — Viking Masek 8S-235 — 2021 — Used

Only used for six months! Includes auger filler, two LCD control screens, and printer system.


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Viking Masek 8S-235 Pouch Fill & Seal Packaging Machine - Used

2021 Model

Able to fill and seal STANDCAP pouches!


Crafted with excellence, Viking Masek's 8-station single-lane Pouch Fill & Seal Packaging Machine is a stunning illustration of their FS packaging machines.

Commissioned in 2021 for terminated gusset bags, it has only been used for six months! The owner has chosen to switch to fully automated VFFS baggers, putting this incredible machine up for sale.

This machine puts out up to 50 sealed bags per minute and has the AS&E auger filler included! Comes with a pair of LCD touch screens, one for the machine function and the other for the printer. See additional detail below.

This machine is reported new at $450,000 and has an 8-month lead time for delivery. 

It has been recently inspected and certified for diagnosed functionality, it's still commissioned and ready for an in-person demo.

Take delivery immediately!

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50 bags per minute

Minimum: 90 mm width (3.5") x 120 mm length (4.7")
Maximum: 235 mm width (9.25") x 350 mm (13.8") length

• 8 stations, single lane
• PLC control with two touch screens (machine & printer)
• AS&E auger filler
• Servo-driven Allen Bradley control platform
• Highly durable welded steel frame
• Production parameter memory, including gripper size, machine speed, sealing temperature, and filling volume
• Pouch presence detection – no filling, no sealing
• Bag deflation with wire guide or push bars
• Automatic deoxidizer feeding station
• Two-step sealing process guarantees clean sealing
• Cooling station for liquid products

480v 3 phase 60Hz, approx. 4.5 Kw

Approx. 700NL/min, 5-6kgf/cm²

5300 lbs

153" L x 81" W x 68" H
3863mm x 2042mm x 1723mm

All Used Equipment Sold As-Is.
In-person inspections are recommended.
Crating and Freight NOT INCLUDED. Quoted specific to your location and needs.



Single Lane Premade Pouch Equipment
Fill and seal custom premade pouches with this single lane automatic pouch packaging machine. With eight stations, this rotary machine can package coffee at up to 50 bpm. Easy integration with volumetric, multi-head scale, auger, and cup fillers, as well as infeed and outfeed conveying equipment, makes this packaging machine a top choice for complete premade pouch packaging solutions.

VideoJet 6330 Thermal Transfer Overprinting:

• Printhead: 53mm, 300dpi (12dot/mm)

• Print area: Intermittent printing mode: 2.1” (53mm) wide x 3.0” (75mm) long

• Minimum print speed: 1.6 in./sec (40mm/sec) full print quality; 0.4 in./sec (10mm/sec) draft mode print quality

• Maximum print speed: 29.5 in./sec (750mm/sec)

• Maximum throughput: Up to 250 prints per minute

• Bar codes: EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN 128, Code 128, ITF, RSS (including 2D composite codes), DataMatrix, QR; others available upon request

• Power supply: 100-240VAC

• Operating temperature: 0-40°C (32-104°F)

AS&E M35 Auger Filler

Head Casting
• Cast aluminum thick wall frame CNC machined for precise alignment of power train, hopper, & auger tooling
• Multiple access ports allowing for:

o Power train assembly

o Ease of installation and maintenance

o Auger height adjustment from outside hopper

Drive Train
• Auger: High performance, low inertia servo motor with spindle speed up to 1500 RPM for rapid filling

• Agitator: Cycloidal gear motor with optional VFD (as desired for product handling)

• Synchronous HTD timing belts (clean, no oiled roller chain)

• External mounted motors for better cooling and easier maintenance

• Drive train design isolates and protects motors from thrust loads

Product Hopper
• M35: Single 16-gallon stainless steel hopper with V-clamp compression ring

• Alignment tool for precisely aligning hopper to spindle (standard feature)

• Inlet (150mm / 6” round) off-the-shelf style Jacob Tubing for low cost integration into your infeed systems

• Dual, large inspection ports in lid

• On-site customizable product inlets and inspection ports (three locations)

Auger Tooling
• Designed specifically for free flowing and non-free flow products

• Standard tooling sizes #12 – 52

• Positive cut-off options for difficult-to-handle products (flapper tooling, product gate)

Operator Station (HMI)
• Location up to 50 feet away

• Heavy-duty remote pedestal control station with integrated operator interface and static scale

• Controls periodically prompt the operator for weight sampling

• Main and subsidiary screens provide intuitively obvious operation of the filler

Control Features
• Weight feedback system: Auger revolutions automatically
calculated and adjusted to achieve target weight and reduce overpack

Equipment offered for sale is sold “as is / where is” subject to sale terms and conditions. Used Elite equipment is used and may contain defects or aesthetic Issues. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Inspection is by appointment only. A fully refundable 10% inspection deposit is required to assure seller of intention. Contact us for arrangements. 


All equipment sales will include a DocuSign digital Purchase and Sale agreement executed by the Buyer and Seller.

Bank Wire Transfer or ACH are the only payment options for Coffee Equipment Pros purchases and Seller payment. The Bank Wire Transfer or ACH must be completed within 5 days of purchase agreement execution or the transaction is void unless otherwise arranged. Coffee Equipment Pros bank wire transfer information will be provided at time of invoice. Used Elite equipment Seller will provide their bank wire transfer information at time of invoice request.

Seller is responsible for equipment decommissioning and disassembly effort and costs. Buyer is financially responsible for equipment preparation and transit. Equipment will be prepared for relocating by professional crating efforts facilitated and monitored by Coffee Equipment Pros Logistics. This includes crate/pallet/wrap/strap progress pictures that will need to be approved. Equipment transportation will be either pick-up by Buyer or Coffee Equipment Pros facilitated freight and/or shipping including timely communications to all parties. International purchases will include customs and documentation arrangements.

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Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

Once a Used Elite equipment sale has transacted, what’s involved in relocating the equipment?

Once the seller confirms full payment has been received, CEPros will move on the previously scheduled equipment prep and engage the crating company and freight company. Or, if optioned, CEPros will facilitate a buyer pick-up.

CEPros requires crating companies to take photos of the equipment crating that are reviewed and approved by us before freight is scheduled.
This assures a safe equipment transport.

Once the crating photos have been approved, CEPros notifies the buyer the equipment is ready to ship and confirms the delivery address and buyer's schedule.

All shipments are insured and include an appointment delivery time that works with your schedule.

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What communications can I expect when listing equipment to sell or after I purchase?

Our goal is to negotiate a quick and seamless transaction, and ongoing communication is key. We will stay in close contact with you every step of the way during your roasting equipment selling or buying process with CEPros. You will always know what the next step is. Our goal is for you to hear from us first, but if you ever have a question, just contact us. We're a quick phone call, text, or email away!

What is your 48-Hour Quick Pay Promise?

We offer every Used Elite Seller our 48-Hour QuickPay Promise. Meaning, the moment you transact your equipment purchase, we immediately process payment to the seller.

What this means to you is no distractions, no delays, and no excuses in getting your equipment to you. Because, at CEPros, we know that Roasters Need to Roast. And that means getting that piece of equipment to you and to work as quickly as possible.

Can I finance equipment other than a new roaster?

Yes! You can finance anything you purchase from CEPros, including our new ancillary and Used Elite equipment. You can even finance our Tek-Net service packages!

What is Equipment Bundling?

Coffee equipment bundling lets you combine ancillary coffee roasting equipment and/or a coffee roaster into a single package or offering, often at a discounted price. This can include items like destoners, grinders, K-cup fillers, and sealers. Bundling eliminates the need to shop for individual items separately, saving time and potentially reducing costs. Learn more about how you can save with equipment bundling and one-stop shopping.

What are the benefits of utilizing CEPros Tek-Net and purchasing a service package?

When we set up your new or Used Elite coffee roaster to integrate seamlessly into your coffee roastery, you should see performance and profit gains quickly. You'll minimize training lag (eliminate learning curve with tech assistance), hit roasting quotas (achieve full production performance quickly), and increase profits (start producing coffee faster with less waste and minimal downtime).

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