SCA 2024

Inspired by SCA Expo 2024:
See It All from Your Seat!

In our corner of the coffee consulting and equipment industry, it's the people—the roasters, cafe owners, equipment manufacturers and technicians, and like-minded folks—who make the magic happen. But right alongside them are the products, meticulously crafted to enhance the daily operations of roasteries and cafes around the globe.

Enter the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo—a three-day extravaganza where 17,000 attendees and 600+ exhibitors converge, igniting an indescribable, almost magical (and highly caffeinated!) energy.

Inspired by the Expo's innovation and the connections we made, we've curated a collection featuring some of the standout manufacturers attending the show—and whom we're lucky enough to represent. These are not just top-notch pieces of equipment; they're the creations of truly exceptional individuals passionate about making each cup of coffee we drink better.

Consider this your personal 'Expo pass' to explore the brands we encountered firsthand and work with, without the need for the thousands of steps we logged on your behalf!