35kg Used Coffee Roaster — Loring S35 Kestrel, Bean Cart, and D35 Destoner - 2018

This 35kg Loring S35 Kestrel has a matched Loring D35 Destoner with the package. It is ready for freight prep and shipping.

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35kg Loring S35 Kestrel Used Coffee Roaster With D35 Destoner - 2018

35 kilos a roast. A FULL 77 pounds. You've dreamt about it as your 15kg or 20kg machine pounds out your perfect profile over and over late into the night. Maybe it's time to level up—all the way up to Loring Smart Roast.

Coffee Equipment Pros is excited to bring you another beautiful 35kg Loring S35 Kestrel with its matched C35 digital scale bean cart and D35 destoner. With all the stand-alone benefits of a Loring roaster, this 2018 model simply can't be beat when it comes to the perfection of 77 lb.-per-batch coffee roasting.

With the ability to simultaneously roast and cool down those just-roasted beans with Loring "high-speed" bean cooling, that's over a half ton of roasted coffee in a typical 4-hour shift—over one ton in 8 hours! This is serious roasting, and a Loring roaster can do this all day long.

Now, my Loring-certified technicians have told me that there's just something special about the 2018 model. It's smooth as silk and as sweet a machine to operate as they come.

The story on this one: This roastery has changed its model to co-lab with another Loring roastery, no longer needing its own machine, making it available for your consideration.


Fueled by natural gas, powered by 220v // 3-phase power. Requires water connection for Loring safety enhancements (per batch auto chaff collection water quench), and a small air compressor to run the bean door pneumatics.

This Loring equipment set is in incredible condition. It's ready for decommissioning, disassembly, and freight prep. CEPros takes care of all this for you while you continue to do what you do best: Roast. :)

The machine set is fully commissioned and still in operation, so it is also available for an in-person inspection. Located in New York State.

Like all Loring Smart Roast Roasters, this one boasts all those unique, incredible Loring features, including air roasting with barrel agitation paddles and single-flame internal incineration with recirculating roast air, with a reported saving of over 80% annually in fuel costs.

Today, the Loring S35 Kestrel is reportedly priced new at $149,900. This offering also has a $19,900 D35 Loring matching Destoner for a total new list price of $169,800 plus tax. Reportedly, these machines have about a 5-month wait time for manufacturing and delivery.

This one is ready for crating and freight to your roastery NOW.

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35kg Loring S35 Kestrel Coffee Roaster


New York State

Very Good

Still in use

5 years of minimal roastery use

220v // 3 phase

Natural Gas



Roaster, Cooler, Loring Loader, Loring C35 Digital Bean Cart, Loring D35 Destoner,

The machine is fully commissioned and ready for test roast.
Ready for decommissioning, disassembly, and crating.

All Used Equipment Sold As-Is.
CEPros Tek-Pak available for installation assurance.
In-person inspections are recommended.
Crating and Freight NOT INCLUDED. Quoted specific to your location and needs.

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Loring Roasters

Focus on the Roast, Automate the Rest

Automated controls for dropping green from hopper, discharging beans from the roast chamber, and precise control over the burner, so you can focus on making the best coffee.

Smokeless Roasting

Eliminate smoke during the roasting process without an external afterburner.

Roast Smarter

Single burner roasts beans and incinerates smoke. High-speed cooling tray reduces cooling time while protecting beans.

Sustainability and Savings

Up to 80% fuel savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast compared to conventional roasters.

American Made

Designed and made in U.S.A. Constructed by skilled craftsmen. Stainless steel construction. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Unparalleled Control

Touch screen and PID provide operation of burner and fan speeds. Profiles can be saved and repeated consistently. Fully automated roasting process.


Used equipment offered for sale on CEPros.com is sold as is, where is, as represented in this listing, and is subject to our sale terms and conditions found on our website HERE. Our Used Elite equipment is exactly that, used, and may have aesthetic issues. And defects have been disclosed in this listing. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Inspection is by appointment only. Contact us for arrangements. 

Equipment that is in brand new condition, whether in original crate or not, important to note that it has never been connected to utilities, powered up, and turned on. It is still classified as Used Equipment as is being resold from original sale and purchaser. Buyer is aware beyond the manufacturer testing prior to sale, due to never used status, Its current operating condition is unknown. Buyer also confirms awareness that coffee roastery manufacturer warranties do not transfer, even if equipment when resold is still within the manufacturer's warranty period.


Seller verifies that the equipment condition and operation is exactly as represented on CEPros listing which was approved by Seller when going live on our sales platform. If any modification in any way has been made, Seller confirms the modification(s) have been disclosed and fully described in detail in its listing. In the case of a modification, Seller agrees to be available for communication with BUYER if need arises during installation due to the modifications.


Any pieces of chimney and/or ducting that are included in this equipment sale are identified as used, regardless if never previously installed. BUYER understands this chimney and/or ducting may or may not be usable in their specific application. BUYER is aware that some or all of the included chimney and/or ducting may need to be replaced or pieces purchased to complete needed venting for their installation. BUYER is aware that used chimney and ducting may need to be cleaned prior to use and installation.


All equipment sales will include a DocuSign digital Purchase and Sale agreement executed by the Buyer and Seller.

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Seller is responsible for equipment decommissioning and disassembly effort and costs. Buyer is financially responsible for equipment transportation preparation and transit, or arranging for pick-up. Equipment will be prepared for relocating via professional crating efforts facilitated and monitored by Coffee Equipment Pros Logistics. This includes crate/pallet/wrap/strap progress pictures that will need to be approved. Equipment transportation will be either pick-up by Buyer or Coffee Equipment Pros facilitated freight and/or shipping including timely communications to all parties. International purchases will include customs and documentation arrangements.

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