12kg Used Coffee Roaster & Afterburner - San Franciscan SF-25 - 2018

The San Franciscan SF-25 Coffee Roaster. A Classic Beauty.


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12kg San Franciscan SF-25 Used Coffee Roaster with Cyclone/Afterburner Combo

2018 — Excellent Condition!


If there were a "Classic Beauty" award in the roasting world, San Franciscan Roasters would win it. There's just something about their design that oozes timeless elegance and sophistication that stand the test of time. When you pair this with their durable reliability, it's easy to understand why they're a favorite among serious roasters.

Whenever we list a San Franciscan, like this 2018 SF-25 used coffee roaster with cyclone/afterburner combo, we know we've got something special for just the right buyer—especially when it's in such excellent condition as this one is in. 

The story: This roaster was purchased new in 2018 and was in continuous operation, running full-time for five days a week, producing 10-20 batches per day until 2021. The owner then upgraded to a larger Diedrich roaster, moving this one to backup status for a break. It is currently installed and functioning great, but with the addition of a Kestrel roaster, the owner is streamlining their equipment and offering this one for sale.

After a well-deserved rest, this reliable roaster is now available for a new home and ready to resume its roasting duties on the front lines of your shop.

This gem is ready to take on what it was built for! 25 lb. output per roast - 100 lbs. per hour (based on profile). With a matched afterburner, it's also ready to handle those air quality control restrictions.

Brand new, this San Franciscan roaster and afterburner combo set reportedly sells for $65,900 plus tax and crating, an estimated total of over $72,000. Prices are reported to be going up, so steal this one now!

This San Franciscan SF-25 coffee roaster set comes with the typical San Franciscan treats: variable fan speed control and Cropster/Artisan roast profile output.

It is powered by 220v and fueled by natural gas. If propane is required, conversion kits are available directly from San Franciscan Roasters. It's ready for immediate crating and freighting to your shop.

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San Franciscan SF-25
Coffee roaster & matched cyclone/afterburner


Very good condition
Some cosmetic wear and tear, but functions perfectly

Early April 2024

5 days a week, 10-20 batches a day from 2018-2021, then used as backup for a larger Diedrich

220v, single phase

Natural gas. Propane conversion kit available directly from San Franciscan Roasters.

N/A, but has variable roaster air speed control


Combo chaff/afterburner with connecting ducting
USB Data Connection, spare bearings, and gas lever

Digital manual available

Southeast USA


All Used Equipment Sold As-Is.
CEPros Tek-Pak available for installation assurance.
In-person inspections are recommended.
Freight NOT INCLUDED. Quoted specific to your location and needs.

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Full description of SF-25 on San Franciscan’s website HERE.

The Legendary SF-25: Environmentally Friendly Coffee Roasting Machine

(From San Franciscan Roasters)

The SF-25 from the San Franciscan Roaster Company is powerfully built and meticulously designed to produce great roasts, time after time. The SF-25 is able to roast from 6 pounds (3 kg) to 25 pounds (12kg) of green coffee per batch with up to 4 roasts per hour, providing a maximum roast capacity of 100 lb. per hour (48 kg/hr).

The SF-25 is able to run on either natural gas (LNG) or propane (LP). In order to boost efficiency, the SF-25 comes with the choice of a built on afterburner or cyclone to meet even the most stringent air quality requirements in any region. The San Franciscan Roaster Company goes above and beyond to offer the best products to specialty drum coffee roasters all around the world. All of our roasters are handcrafted with love in Carson City, Nevada. If you’re looking for the perfect small-batch roaster for your coffee shop, choose the SF-25!

American-Made Roasters for the Artisan Coffee Roaster

At The San Franciscan Roaster Company, we make use of only the highest quality materials in order to create roasters that will last a lifetime. Every single one of our roasters is meticulously handcrafted to suit your exact specifications. Our products are all designed and built in the United States, with American-made parts.

The SF-25 Roasts Up To 100 lb/48kg Per Hour

  • Roasts between 6 lbs (3 kg) and 25 lbs (12 kg) of green coffee per batch
  • A maximum roast capacity of 100 lbs per hour (48 kg/hr)
  • Roasting time varies between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on roaster preferences

Features of the 25lb/12kg San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-25

  • San Franciscan Roasters are hand-made in the USA.
  • All components used are made in the USA and parts can be purchased in the USA and worldwide
  • The roaster is a continuous batch roaster – it roasts and cools at the same time; therefore you can do four roasts per hour (100 lbs).
  • Roasting time is 13 to 15 minutes.
  • Maintenance is easy and simple. The pipes are exterior and can be taken off to clean by removing the band clamps. Cooling tray detaches easily for cleaning.
  • Minimal maintenance is required – Lubrication of bearings every 30 days.
  • The cooling sweep pivots off of lifetime bearings so no lubricating is necessary.
  • The chaff cyclone is in the cylinder which sets behind the roaster, making it much easier to clean
  • The San Franciscan Roaster has four identical 1/3 hp motors
  • Cooling tray sweep (which is pivoted off two lifetime bearings)
  • Drum sweep
  • Hot air fan
  • Cooling fan
  • The San Franciscan is ETL approved as all electrical components meet the Electrical Testing Laboratory regulations.
  • Hot air flow is controlled through the roaster chamber by a hot air damper.
  • The roaster lights automatically and the burner is easily seen through a sight hole.
  • All San Franciscans are powder coated with powder baked on at 400°F making the surface very durable.
  • The San Franciscan Roaster is made of 100% schedule 40 steel and contains no cast iron to enable it to withstand constant heating and cooling without any deterioration.
  • The faceplates are 5/8ths inch steel.
  • San Franciscan Roasters are compatible with most data-logging programs and your choice of data logger can easily be built into your new roaster.

What Sets Our Roasters Apart from the Rest

Our roasters are handcrafted with the highest quality materials available.

That’s one of the many reasons why our roasters are known the world over! Our roasters are also scalable, using the same components and general design. For instance, if you train on the SF-1, you’ll be able to transfer those skills over to the SF-75!

Each San Franciscan Roaster perfectly marries old-world style with modern advancements.

We designed our roasters this way in order to produce a machine that’s as useful as it is beautiful. Our roasters include highly responsive temperature probes to measure bean and environmental temperatures. They are also compatible with most coffee data-logging technology. This makes compiling information a breeze so you can produce the perfect roast, every single time.

San Franciscan Roasters offer roastmasters complete control over their roasts.

As such, we can customize your roaster to fit your exact needs and specifications. Our machines are truly one-of-a-kind and are built to last a lifetime.

Who Our Machines are For

Our commercial coffee roasters are built for artisan coffee roasters and boutique coffee shops across the world. Whether you sell coffee by the pound at the local farmers market or you own a handful of local coffee shops in town, there’s a San Franciscan Roaster that will perfectly suit your needs.

Meet the San Franciscan Roaster Company

Who We Are & What We Stand For

The San Franciscan Roaster Company was built upon a foundation of sustainability, supported by a devotion to ethical business practices. Our company is owned and operated by Bill Kennedy, a venerable icon in the coffee roasting industry. Kennedy and his team of expert builders, technicians, and creatives have catapulted the San Franciscan Roaster Company into the upper echelon of the commercial coffee roaster manufacturing industry. 

At the San Franciscan Roaster Company, we believe in the importance of inclusivity in the specialty coffee roasting industry. As such, we strive to offer each and every member of the San Franciscan Roaster family as much support and guidance as possible. Whether you’ve been in the specialty coffee roasting industry for decades or you’re just starting out, we’ll happily be by your side.


Equipment offered for sale is sold “as is / where is” subject to sale terms and conditions. Used Elite equipment is used and may contain defects or aesthetic Issues. Buyer may inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Inspection is by appointment only. A fully refundable 10% inspection deposit is required to assure seller of intention. Contact us for arrangements. 


All equipment sales will include a DocuSign digital Purchase and Sale agreement executed by the Buyer and Seller.

Bank Wire Transfer or ACH are the only payment options for Coffee Equipment Pros purchases and Seller payment. The Bank Wire Transfer or ACH must be completed within 5 days of purchase agreement execution or the transaction is void unless otherwise arranged. Coffee Equipment Pros bank wire transfer information will be provided at time of invoice. Used Elite equipment Seller will provide their bank wire transfer information at time of invoice request.

Seller is responsible for equipment decommissioning and disassembly effort and costs. Buyer is financially responsible for equipment preparation and transit. Equipment will be prepared for relocating by professional crating efforts facilitated and monitored by Coffee Equipment Pros Logistics. This includes crate/pallet/wrap/strap progress pictures that will need to be approved. Equipment transportation will be either pick-up by Buyer or Coffee Equipment Pros facilitated freight and/or shipping including timely communications to all parties. International purchases will include customs and documentation arrangements.

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Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

Once a Used Elite equipment sale has transacted, what’s involved in relocating the equipment?

Once the seller confirms full payment has been received, CEPros will move on the previously scheduled equipment prep and engage the crating company and freight company. Or, if optioned, CEPros will facilitate a buyer pick-up.

CEPros requires crating companies to take photos of the equipment crating that are reviewed and approved by us before freight is scheduled.
This assures a safe equipment transport.

Once the crating photos have been approved, CEPros notifies the buyer the equipment is ready to ship and confirms the delivery address and buyer's schedule.

All shipments are insured and include an appointment delivery time that works with your schedule.

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What communications can I expect when listing equipment to sell or after I purchase?

Our goal is to negotiate a quick and seamless transaction, and ongoing communication is key. We will stay in close contact with you every step of the way during your roasting equipment selling or buying process with CEPros. You will always know what the next step is. Our goal is for you to hear from us first, but if you ever have a question, just contact us. We're a quick phone call, text, or email away!

What is your 48-Hour Quick Pay Promise?

We offer every Used Elite Seller our 48-Hour QuickPay Promise. Meaning, the moment you transact your equipment purchase, we immediately process payment to the seller.

What this means to you is no distractions, no delays, and no excuses in getting your equipment to you. Because, at CEPros, we know that Roasters Need to Roast. And that means getting that piece of equipment to you and to work as quickly as possible.

Can I finance equipment other than a new roaster?

Yes! You can finance anything you purchase from CEPros, including our new ancillary and Used Elite equipment. You can even finance our Tek-Net service packages!

What is Equipment Bundling?

Coffee equipment bundling lets you combine ancillary coffee roasting equipment and/or a coffee roaster into a single package or offering, often at a discounted price. This can include items like destoners, grinders, K-cup fillers, and sealers. Bundling eliminates the need to shop for individual items separately, saving time and potentially reducing costs. Learn more about how you can save with equipment bundling and one-stop shopping.

What are the benefits of utilizing CEPros Tek-Net and purchasing a service package?

When we set up your new or Used Elite coffee roaster to integrate seamlessly into your coffee roastery, you should see performance and profit gains quickly. You'll minimize training lag (eliminate learning curve with tech assistance), hit roasting quotas (achieve full production performance quickly), and increase profits (start producing coffee faster with less waste and minimal downtime).

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