Haitec Resources

As distributors of Haitec K-Cup filling and sealing machines, we offer valuable resources to our customers to help ensure optimal setup and operation.

The below-listed resources include a YouTube library with overview and instructional videos, as well as first-use and operational manuals. For further assistance, reach out to us at 855.585.2500 or support@coffeeequipmentpros.com.


CEPros Review of Haitec HT-F20RS "Mini"

Our own Rick D. shines a spotlight on all the features we adore in the Haitec HT-F20RS (and HT-F20R) K-Cup Filling and Sealing machine. Affectionately named the "mini" for its compact size, but make no mistake—this petite powerhouse packs a punch—kicking out 25 CPM!


View Haitec's 11-video playlist on CEPros' YouTube Channel

This playlist, totaling less than 15 minutes, walks you through machine start-up to operating the machine's first run of your K-cups.



Haitec "Mini" First-Use Guide

This guide prepared by CEPros walks you through everything needed to set up your Haitec HT-F20R (12-15 CPM) or HT-F20RS (15-25 CPM) K-Cup Filling and Sealing machine—from equipment and area prep to machine setup and startup.


HaiTec HT-F20R and HT-F20RS Operation Manual

This manual provided by Haitec covers all aspects of setting up and running your Haitec "Mini" machine, including direct links to Haitec's short instructional videos for additional instruction.


HaiTec HT-KJ20 Quick Start Manual 

HaiTec HT-KJ20 Operation Manual

These two manuals provided by Haitec assist in the startup and operation of the Haitec HT-KJ20 automatic Nespresso filling and sealing machine.



 View manufacturer warranty details, including parts and support, here.