At CEPros, we help roasters put smiles on the world's faces every morning with that first sip of delicious coffee. We do this by matching buyers and sellers with new and used coffee roastery equipment and technical services to supply scalable success
for their roastery visions.

Used Coffee Roasters

Imagine the smell of that roast coming out of your next machine...
Here's the line-up of our freshest used coffee equipment.

25kg Diedrich CR-25

2010 model. Diedrich entry-level industrial 25kg workhorse. Incredible condition.

70kg US Roaster Corp R-Millenium

2014 "R" model with convection/hot air burner, afterburner, Pneu-Con loader & bean cart.

7kg Loring S7 Nighthawk

2023 model. never used, never connected to utilities. Available immediately.

3kg Bellwether v1 Late Version

2021 Model. Low use. Excellent condition. In CEPros warehouse, ready to ship.

15kg Giesen W15A with Destoner

Still in original crate. Comes with Giesen OW50 destoner. 2018 model.

4 Used Weigh Fills

Auger and Vibrating machines. Check the collection.

6kg Giesen W6A and Destoner

Still in original crate. Comes with Giesen OW20 destoner. 2018 model.

6kg Giesen W6A

2016 model. Low use, Roast profile notebook & chimney included.

240kg Probat 23R wtih ACO

2018 Refurbish. Rare 4 bag Probat roaster. Disassembled. Ready to ship immediately.

120kg Probat GG120

Classic 1959 G series with loader, destoner, ducting.

If Your Roastery Could Talk, What Would It Tell You It Needs?

We've got everything to keep your coffee roastery humming happily along.

Roaster Attachments

We call them attachments because they're core to your roaster's function. Afterburners, Chimney, Loaders, Weigh Carts, Destoners. They're all here.

Bean Management

Interesting way to put it, right? Analyzers, Grinders, Mixers, Scales, Silos/Storage, and Conveyance.


Your beans are roasted and "managed." Let's get them packaged up. Net Weigh Machines, Package Loaders, Fillers, Sealers, VFFS machines, K-Cup Fillers & Sealers.

As Seen In:

Going To Work!

Just Purchased by our roaster community.

7kg Loring S7 Nighthawk

2023 model. Still in original crate. Ready to ship immediately.

12kg Diedrich IR-12

2002 Model. Solid IR-12 in clean condition. Ready to ship ASAP.

2020 Bellwether Late Series 1

This self-contained, automated, fully electric roaster does not require any venting or afterburner!

70kg Loring S70 Peregrine

2017 model. Comes with D70 destoner. Completely serviced at decommissioning and is fully crated,, ready for shipping

7kg Loring S7 Nighthawk

2023 Model. Not even a year old. Incredible condition. Owner moved up to a S15. Ready to fire up in your roastery.

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