CEPros Seller Experience

Let CEPros Handle It All

When you list your used coffee roaster with CEPros, none of the burdens of selling your used roastery equipment needs to concern you. We take care of it all, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. While we handle the buyer and all logistics, you can continue roasting exceptional coffee and keep the aroma of success brewing in your roastery.

Read on about our process to get your equipment sold.

The Process + Your Benefits

With our years of equipment expertise and vast current market knowledge, we'll ask all the right questions in preparation for building your listing. Together, we'll find the price that suits YOUR needs, based on expectations and how fast you want to move your machine. You make the final decision. You're in charge.

We’ll craft a tailored listing for your equipment on our website, highlighting its unique features and roasting story, all with your approval.

We’ll actively promote your equipment through our website, YouTube, SEM campaigns, social media, targeted emails, industry associated directories, and more.

Share your listing URL on social media and forums. We'll manage the inquiries you forward to us.

We’ll continue to showcase your listing on our site and market it on your behalf for as long as you desire. You’re free to explore other selling avenues, and we’ll handle any inquiries that come our way.

In a time crunch? We can also safely store your equipment until it sells. Ask us for details.

Your QuickPay Promise

You’ll receive payment upon CEPros receiving the buyer's payment and all logistical arrangements are in place.

This immediate payment will be made before the equipment leaves your possession—working around your schedule for equipment prep and pick-up by the buyer, crating company, or freighting company.

Rest assured, CEPros prioritizes your peace of mind and guarantees a secure and efficient payment experience every time.

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Our Payment + Contract

We add an industry-standard broker fee (averaging 15%) to the price you're expecting to receive. Through extensive equipment selling experience and current market research, we can help you identify a number that will position your equipment competitively in the marketplace.

We DO NOT require an exclusive listing contract that locks you into an awkward situation or isolates the opportunity for your equipment to sell. Our entire team is about supporting and assisting you in selling your machinery as quickly and efficiently as possible.


View our Terms & Conditions or contact us at support@cepros.com,
call 855-585-2500 or text 949-289-8083.

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